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milon has won the world renowned 2019 body LIFE Award in the main category: Strength Equipment


750 fitness club operators have made their decision: milon Q is their first choice in the fitness market. The innovative training equipment of the Q-series has won the body LIFE Award in the main category "strength equipment" based on an independent market survey. Additionally, the Q-Series received an award in the category "Equipment for Medical Fitness" with an excellent second place. We are particularly proud that we have established ourselves so successfully in this important segment. It is with commitment, passion and innovative spirit, that milon have won this award. We thank the people who enjoy milon training every day with their heart and soul, and allow milon to assist them in improving their health and wellbeing. This great success would not have been possible without your support. Therefore, we would like to thank each and every one of you for this.

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