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milon Premium Health Clubs OPEN DAY 18 JUNE 2016

Gold Coast Gym

Are you in the market for a NEW Gym on the Gold Coast? A Gym that is not JUST a gym, a gym that is SIMPLE, SAFE & EFFECTIVE, a gym that is high-tech, clean and luxurious? Sounds too good to be true!

But that is EXACTLY what we at milon Premium Health Clubs have to offer.

We are proud to have the first milon Gym in the Southern Hemisphere to the Gold Coast. With SmartCard controlled equipment, and cloud-based software to monitor your progress - you can't cannot find a better place to train on the Gold Coast.

Out equipment allows you to get fit in just 17.5 minutes, 3 times a week.

If you are time-poor, sick of your average Gold Coast Gyms, looking for somewhere where intimidation is not an issue - then come and see the team at milon Premium Health Clubs on our OPEN DAY - 18 JUNE 2016.

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