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Marina Mirage Gym

Try Our Marina Mirage Gym to Reach Your Fitness Goals

At milon, your Marina Mirage gym, we work with each member to meet his or her health goals. We begin the journey with a biometric body scan so that we can gather the necessary information about your height, weight, blood pressure, body mass index, and more.

The results of this scan allow us to get a clearer picture of what your safe zone is, but this is not the only information we gather. It is important that we learn your health and fitness goals to ensure we design the safest, most effective workout plan for you.

The individualized plans are designed so that you only need to commit 17.5 minutes three times a week. Worried that’s not enough of a workout? You can track the progress of each workout through our app, milonME.

As you progress, your training plan will be updated. If, for instance, you are focused on muscle building training, you will find that the resistance increases as your muscles grow stronger. Our trainers make sure that your plan keeps you moving forward toward your goal, so your plans change as you do. Once you reach your goal, you can either set a new one or allow us to design a maintenance plan for you.

Whether you are seeking weight loss, endurance exercises, muscle building training, the milon Marina Mirage gym can help. Dip your toes into the pool with our free trial gym membership. When you are ready to dive in, talk to our staff about our incredible membership options.

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