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Resistance Training

3 Reasons You Should Start Resistance Training

Resistance training is those exercises that force your skeletal muscles to work against some type of weight or force. It is often thought of as weight training. However, weight training is only one type of resistance training. You can use machines, body weight, and more.

The benefits of resistance training are immense, just a few of which are listed below.

1. Improve Muscles, Bones, and Posture

Resistance training strengthens both the muscles and the bones, creating a more natural healthy posture. The strengthening of the bones decreases the risk of bone trouble, such as osteoporosis.

Also, strengthened muscles improve balance. Working through a strength-endurance circuit can provide all of this with the addition of building your endurance.

2. Increased Metabolism

As you build your muscles, you increase your metabolism. This, of course, leads to weight loss or weight maintenance, and it helps decrease the chance of obesity and heart disease.

3. Decrease Cognitive Decline

It has also been shown to improve the parts of the brain responsible for your memory and plays a role in cognitive health. It reduces the chance of memory loss as we age.

At milon Premium Health Clubs, we work with each individual member from the beginning to design the most effective strength-endurance circuit for you. Through our resistance training exercises, you can quickly see and feel the benefits. Try our free trial today to see what Milon has to offer you.

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